sunglasses can replace riding sunglasses or not?

Riding glasses are different from normal sunglasses. Never wear sunglasses while riding. Cycling glasses have more of a windproof function than sunglasses, so don’t underestimate this function, it can greatly reduce your chances of conjunctivitis. So generally good riding glasses, when riding too fast, the eye does not feel the wind uncomfortable. Also, riding glasses should not be made of glass, as it will greatly increase your risk of injury if you fall. while resin will protect your glasses from scratches.

 Many cyclists are willing to splash out on high-end bikes or top-of-the-line helmets. But many overlook that sunglasses are an essential part of the sport. Most experienced cyclists will tell you that, whether amateur or professional, cycling glasses are well worth the investment.

what does a cycling mirror do?

So what does a cycling mirror do? Most cyclists ride on roads, which in the sun reflect sunlight better than dirt or grass. Cyclists have more time to look directly at the road, and thus receive more uv reflection, because of their riding posture? The eye absorbs ultraviolet ray for a long time to be able to cause cataract! Most cycling friends have the eye by the wind tears and eyes into the experience of foreign bodies? If you ride in the winter when the snow is everywhere, or in Tibet where the snow is all the year round, and the sun reflects off the snow and shines directly on your eyes. you are likely to suffer from “snow blindness”. Riding glasses can greatly protect your eyes from these injuries.

 riding sunglasses photo

Cyclists, a good pair of sunglasses will ensure you get the most visual enjoyment. If you’re on an adrenaline-pumping mountain bike and you’re sweating profusely. There’s a clear difference between regular sunglasses and cycling glasses. The heat from your body will atomize an ordinary pair of sunglasses and your sweat will cause them to slip and even fall off. But the rubber, non-slip nose pads of cycling glasses will ensure that your glasses stay firmly in your face and don’t slide down even during more strenuous activity. Recently, more and more high-end cycling glasses have air vents between the lenses and frames, making them cooler and more comfortable to use without atomizing!

riding sunglasses is a good choose

In addition to protecting your glasses from UV rays and other flying objects, riding glasses are cleverly made with polarized lenses that are anti-fog, waterproof, glare, scratch, crush and impact resistant. Typically, riding glasses have aerodynamic curves that completely fit your face, increasing peripheral vision and providing full eye protection. The ultra-lightweight and durable frame is also designed for use with helmets.

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right pair of riding glasses. One of the most important factors is the color of the lenses. The 5 most commonly used colors for cycling glasses: black, blue and yellow, transparent, plated and reflective. The midday sun is as strong as black light. Blue in foggy or poor visibility weather. Yellow improves sharpness in the evening by adding contrast to the image. Transparent film is very important it is not light to play handsome, mainly when the goggles, rain mirror. The lens that plating cough up wants to be in snow ground or the area that plateau strong strong ultraviolet ray just USES, the friend that wants to go up highland must have a pair.

For cycling enthusiasts, cycling glasses with replaceable lenses allow you to change the color of your lenses depending on the light and weather conditions, adding versatility while providing a different visual experience.

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