Choose a pair of sports sunglasses

Choose a pair of sports sunglasses

Sports sunglasses are increasingly used in the atmosphere of life. The most important factor in choosing sunglasses is to ensure that they provide full protection against UVA and UVB radiation. If you’re going to be wearing sunglasses for long periods of time while running or hiking and sweating, you’ll also need to consider comfort fit, anti-fogging, and lens color.

Lens color:

If you’re going to run in different situations, consider buying sunglasses with interchangeable or polarized lenses to cover all your needs.

Black: blue/gray/green/brown is suitable for the condition that bright and sunny day shines high, make the eye is most comfortable below dazzling illumination.

Gold: yellow, gold and amber is good for low light conditions. They filter blue light and make it easy to see bumps and borders on the ground.

Polarized/discoloration: discoloration lenses are perfect for very bright situations, as they reduce the glare of sunlight reflected on salt flats and sand. However, their base colors are darker than normal lenses, so they may become too dark to use at the end of the day because the shadows get longer.

Reflector lens: improves the effectiveness of color – ray lenses by reflecting sunlight to the ground to reduce glare.

Transparent: used in dark or windy conditions, when you want to prevent your eyes from watering while running.

UV protection

Choose sunglasses that can offer  UVA and UVB protection. Too much exposure to UV in a short time can cause photokeratitis. It’s basically a sunburn to the eye. Prolonged exposure to UV light can cause permanent damage. So make sure your sunglasses provide full protection. This is especially important in deserts or salt flats, Where the sun’s rays will bounce off the ground like snow


In wet and rainy conditions or you may be covered in sweat. You want to choose frames that provide good ventilation to avoid foggy views. Choose lenses that are far away from the face. That air can circulate freely, and might as well consider antifogging coating.


If you’re playing sports, It’s best to make sure your lenses are made of anti-chip material, Such as polycarbonate rather than traditional glass or plastic. Also consider the texture of the frame — the more flexible it is, the less likely it is to break, Such as dropping it or stuffing it into a packed running bag.


Also, consider the comfort of wearing sunglasses for long periods of time. You want a lightweight pair that may include a rubberized nose frame and adjustable ears to keep the glasses in place while running.

Choose a pair of sports sunglasses
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