Do blue light lenses really work?

The blue light lenses that prevents blue ray in the life is more common, no matter have the myopia lens of degree, still do not have the lens of degree, general meeting USES lens of prevent blue ray, lens of prevent blue ray is really useful ? Do blue light lenses really work?

As early as in 1966, Nell et al. found that the exposure of blue light could cause damage to retinal cells, resulting in visual impairment or even loss of vision. Among them, the short-wavelength blue light between the wavelength of 400-450 nanometers is the most harmful to the retina.

blue light lenses history

At the 2010 annual meeting of the international optical society, the world’s leading optical experts agreed that short-wavelength blue light is so powerful that it can penetrate the lens to the retina. Blue light irradiation of the retina produces free radicals. which can lead to the decay of retinal pigment epithelial cells. which can lead to the loss of nutrients in light-sensitive cells and lead to visual impairment. Which is irreversible.

blue light lenses

Professor R.H.W. Funk, an ophthalmologist from Germany, reported that when the “wrong light” continues to shine into our eyes. It can cause body dysfunction.

With the development and progress of society, electronic products have become a necessity of people’s life. The ubiquitous electronic screen fills our life, study and work. In the long run, people’s eye health. Especially the eyesight and eye health of teenagers. It is facing great risks and challenges.

The damage of blue light to the retinal cells of the eyes is an important factor that leads to the blurred vision of the public, especially teenagers. How bad is blue light for our eyes?

The area of blue light

Light can be divided into visible light segment and invisible light segment, the wavelength range of visible light is 380nm~760nm, among which 380nm~500nm range of light. Our retina perception is blue. So it is called blue light. Because of its high energy, blue light spreads through the atmosphere more widely than any other visible light. Whether it is visible or invisible light, the shorter the wavelength, the stronger the energy. And thus the greater the harm.Blue light is an important component of natural light.

The harm of blue light refers to the photochemical effect caused by radiation irradiation of wavelength between 400nm and 500nm(short-wavelength light), resulting in retinal damage. The cornea absorbs ultraviolet light below 295nm, and the lens absorbs most ultraviolet light below 400nm. However. Some blue light can penetrate the lens to the retina and contain specular energy. Blue light in the visible light has the highest sensitivity to the retina and the strongest penetrability, so it is harmful. It can cause photochemical damage to the retina and accelerate the oxidative damage of cells in the macular area.

As LED lighting products are increasingly widely used in indication, decoration, backlight, general lighting and computer, mobile phone and TV display screens. People begin to pay attention to its photobiosecurity issues. Especially the effect of blue light on the retina of human eyes. Light-emitting diodes (leds) emit white light mainly from yellow phosphors excited by blue light chips, so at high color temperatures. There is a strong crest in the blue band of the light source spectrum.

Blue light lenses is everywhere in our life. In addition to LED lights, blue light is found in LCD screens of mobile phones, tablet computers and other digital products. If the long-term and heavy exposure to blue light. Such as mobile phones and tablets, is constant, the unhealthy eye habits will continue. And the incidence of blindness caused by cataract and macular degeneration will also increase.

The damaging effects of the high-energy blue light in mobile phones and tablets are a chain reaction, leading first to the death of light-sensitive cells, then to macular degeneration. which leads to gradual or complete loss of vision, often irreversible. In addition, the harm that high-energy blue light is most likely to cause is mainly reflected in: aggravating retinal macular disease, leading to ocular fundus injury after cataract surgery, leading to vision blurring, leading to visual fatigue, and leading to glare. In addition. Blue light can inhibit the secretion of melatonin, disturb sleep and increase the incidence of serious diseases.

Blue light lenses wavelength

Blue light lenses is not the only wavelength in the fundus that causes damage to photoreceptors and rods in the retina and to cells in the pigment epithelium (PRE). Inappropriate filtering of blue light can affect dark vision, circadian rhythm, and color balance in humans. Through the reasonable design of light emitting diode (LED) and other common lighting sources, the blue light hazard can be reduced to the level of no danger class or low danger class, and can be safely used in daily life.

Blue light protection should be mainly used in the environment of high brightness light source and avoid looking directly at high brightness point light source.while it can selectively filter the shorter blue light (400nm~440nm) and the longer blue light (440nm~500nm).

The extent to which blue light can harm your eyes varies with age. In older people, the crystals turn yellow with age. And the child is sensitive to intense blue light.It can cause vision to drop, produce eye disease even. It is worth noting that in real life, we usually don’t look directly at LED lights. But we spend a lot of time looking directly at mobile phones and computer screens. Only by developing good eye habits can we effectively reduce the damage caused by blue light to our eyes. 

Blue lens effect

Blue light lensess can effectively reduce the sustained damage of blue light to the eyes. Through the comparison and detection of portable spectrum analyzer. The blue light intensity emitted by the mobile phone screen can be effectively suppressed after the use of anti-blue light glasses. Thus reducing the harm of harmful blue light to the eyes.

Anti-blue light glasses are mainly through the lens surface coating will be harmful blue light reflection. Through the lens substrate to add anti-blue light factor, harmful blue light absorption. so as to achieve the harmful blue light barrier, protect the eyes.

How to judge the lens has anti – blue function?

First, look from the exterior color, which has the function of anti blu-ray goggles real first lens is light yellow. Yellow light filtering blu-ray function more and more weak, of course also cannot is dark yellow. Second, More directly is buy a blu-ray measuring instrument.It can directly measure can prevent many blue light. But the instrument may be more expensive than the goggles itself. Third, it is real see if really let your eyes feel comfortable after wearing.

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