How to choose sunglasses?

How to choose sunglasses

Summer is coming, the sun has become violent, many people like to wear sunglasses, so that can block the sun to protect the eyes, but also can increase their fashion. Short-sighted people can also wear fashionable sunglasses, but how to choose? Introduce the information about myopic sunglasses for everybody below.

These are the most important considerations when buying some glasses to protect your eyes from the sun.


(1)One hundred percent

When buying sunglasses to protect your eyes, one of the most important things is a sticker or label that says they block 100 percent of the UV light. However, according to the College’s 2014 National Sunshine Safety Survey, fewer than half of those who buy glasses are unable to check whether the lenses protect their eyes from ULTRAVIOLET light.

(2)The bigger the lens, the better.

The greater the coverage of sunglasses, the less damage they do to the sun’s rays. Consider buying oversized or wrap-around glasses, which can help reduce the amount of UV light entering your eyes from the side.

(3). Darker lenses are not better protected.

While very dark lenses may look cool, they don’t necessarily block more UV rays.

(4)Color doesn’t matter.

Some glasses come with amber, green or grey lenses. They don’t block out more sunlight, but they can increase contrast, which can be useful for players playing sports like baseball or golf. Polarizing lenses cut glare, not UV.

(5). Polarization reduces glare scattered from reflective surfaces such as water or pavement. This does not provide more sun protection, but can make driving or water sports safer or more enjoyable.




sunglasses photo
sunglasses photo

Of course, when choosing sunglasses, we should also pay attention to whether the lens is smooth, flat, and whether the mirror has scratches and other surface conditions.

I wish everyone can buy a pair of glasses that is beneficial to eye health and suitable for themselves.

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