how to protect eye when you fell eye pain?

Affected by the covid-19 outbreak, many schools have organized online classes at home for students using mobile phones or computers. On the one hand, parents are relieved that school is not suspended. On the other hand, they are worried that their children may be more short-sighted if they face the screen for a long time. Professor Yang xiao, chief physician of the department of refraction and low vision at sun yat-sen ophthalmic center of sun yat-sen university, pointed out that the distance teaching mode will lead to changes in the learning mode and eye-using habits of children and teenagers to eye protect, and parents should pay attention to the protection of children’s visual health and take preventive measures in advance.

How is the eye aching to return a responsibility? how to protect eye? Computer people are most likely to have sore eyes. How is the eye aching to return a responsibility? Excessive use of the eye, foreign bodies in the eye, glaucoma can cause eye pain. To computer clan and go to work white-collar for, use computer is the most basic job skill, but cause eye muscle fatigue so, how does eye ache do?

Eye pain and eye strain can be divided into regulatory eye strain, muscular eye strain and nervous eye strain. The first two conditions may lead to myopia, aggravated myopia, astigmatism or presbyopia with different degrees of the eye. Secondly, eye pain may also be due to staying up too late, a lot of alcohol and cause eye congestion, pain.

Eye pain and eye strain can be divided into regulatory eye strain,

There are some ways to help eye protect

1, the most simple and convenient method — cold compress, hot compress, artificial tears, eye wash, etc., although this method is simple and convenient, suitable for office workers to use, in order to improve the symptoms of eye pain, but it needs a period of time to eliminate the pain.

2. Pain caused by dry eyes. It’s best to use a bag of crushed ice or ice every 2 hours for 5 minutes, or to remove the contents of the egg from the refrigerator. The rest of the shell can be used for the eye. Or can use artificial tears or tears flow method, can alleviate the dry eye. But artificial tears should not be used randomly, the best way is to cry.

3. Press your eyes to relieve the pain. Close your eyes and touch the eyeball with the fingertips of your index, middle and ring fingers. Press gently or slowly and gently, not too hard. Once or twice a day, 20 seconds each time can relieve the symptoms of eye muscle fatigue and eye pain.

4. Massage your forehead. Eye pain, a lot of times you get a headache, and that’s where the eye pain is reflected on your forehead. Accordingly, use each 3 fingers of both hands from the center of forehead, to the temple of left and right sides side while making circle type massage, thumb presses at the same time hard, encounter painful place especially, want to massage hard more. This will soothe the eyes under your nose. Repeat for 3-5 rounds twice a day.

Follow my advice and form a good habit. It is time to say goodbye to  thick glasses.

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