Intelligent glasses in the our future

Intelligent glasses, also known as intelligent mirror “refers to” like smart phones. Independent of the operating system.Yo stall the software by the user, software service providers to provide applications such as game.

It can be finished through speech or action control add calendar, maps, navigation, interact with friends, taking pictures and video, video on the phone with a friend, and other functions.

It can through the mobile communication network to realize the wireless Internet access the floorboard of the kind of glasses.

The living areas of intelligent glasses are shown below

(1) digital, information technology foundation: personal portable devices and space seamless connection

(2)The existence of digital twins: users can easily communicate with various information sources

(3) the interactive mode of full sensory experience: the user’s action and purpose are perceived, understood and predicted

Wide application prospects for Intelligent glasses

One is the industrial field.

Intelligent glasses have the functions of liberating hands, what you see and real-time interaction.

And smart glasses have wide application potential in the industrial field.

In the process of transportation inspection, the application of smart glasses can reduce manpower expenditure, protect the personal safety of front-line workers, and improve efficiency.

In the process of inspection, use smart glasses to identify equipment to ensure that the equipment needs to be operated to avoid misoperation At the same time.

The smart glasses can show the background equipment parameters, maintenance records and other information to the on-site inspection personnel, through the smart glasses’ video and photo functions, to comprehensively record the operation.

Second, in the field of military security, smart glasses can cooperate with face recognition technology, huge information bases, language systems, etc, which can help security personnel distinguish suspicious elements.

Understand dialects and foreign languages, timely call file information and police deployment, etc. The combination of cameras, gun equipment and smart glasses will make crime detection and real-time forensics more convenient, and the efficiency of law enforcement may be further improved.

The third is in the field of emergency rescue. The first-line disaster relief personnel wear smart glasses and synchronize with the mobile cameras on the large screen of the emergency rescue center at each level, the aircraft and the smart car.

and always grasp the multiple visual angles such as looking down and looking up, narrow space detection, etc.Effective communication and decision-making for emergency response.

Fourth, in the medical field, smart glasses and AR are combined to build a virtual 3D body model of the patient, showing the contours of skin, blood vessels, etc.

At the same time, smart glasses can correctly and efficiently synchronize the patient’s medical record information.record relevant data, and detect diseases early.

Using smart glasses, you can also broadcast through the doctor’s first perspective, and the true process of reproducing the surgery is one of the important applications of smart glasses in the medical field. Voice control can improve the quality of surgery.

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