Is it necessary for children to wear sunglasses?

Children need wear sunglasses more than adults

children to wear sunglasses? The visual development of infants and young children needs proper light stimulation, but too much sunlight can cause damage to the eyes.

According to the American academy of optometry (AOA), children’s corneas and lenses are both more “transparent” than adults, meaning that ultraviolet light penetrates the lens and reaches the retina at a higher rate, so they are more vulnerable to ultraviolet rays.

Therefore, children need sunglasses more than adults.

children sunglasses

The sky and the sun are not the only sources of uv rays. The ground, water, rocks, sand, snow and so on all reflect a lot of the sun’s rays. Therefore, even if you wear a sun hat and umbrella.

you should still wear sunglasses if you are outdoors for a long time. Long-term ultraviolet radiation can cause damage to various tissues of children’s eyes

♣ babies under 6 months, the glasses are not easily fixed, suggest wearing a sun hat, or use the stroller, sunshade shade from ultraviolet light.

♣ six months or more babies, wearing a sun hat brim width in 7.5 centimeters, can wear protective sunglasses of 97% ~ 100% UVA and UVB rays.

Many parents hesitate or even strongly resist whether to buy children’s sunglasses, mainly because there is no national standard or industry standard for children’s sunglasses in China.

In other countries, such as the United States or Europe, eyewear is a medical device with strict regulation, and all the products on sale comply with standard specifications.

How to buy kids sunglasses?

(1) Go to a quality assurance organization and buy sunglasses from regular manufacturers and brands. A few quality unqualified children sunglass, above is a coating film only, cannot block ultraviolet ray.

When you wear sunglasses, your pupils dilate because the light is dimmer.

If wear the sunglasses with unqualified quality at this time, the ultraviolet ray that enters an eye can increase instead, will cause irreversible damage to darling’s eye. So, bad sunglasses are better than not wearing them.

(2)Look for signs of 100%, UV absorption, or UV400. Lenses must protect against both UVA and UVB, which is one of the most important signs of sunglasses.

(3) Resin lens + soft elastic frame. Resin lenses are lighter and less prone to breakage than glass and plastic lenses, making them safer. Picture frame had better choose soft, light, elastic material, avoid metal frame, lest produce eye trauma and cause allergy.

(4) The lenses should be grey or tan. The darker the lens, the better. Qiao tong, director of the ophthalmology department of Shanghai children’s hospital, said: “dark lenses can effectively protect children from bright light, but they can also affect their sensitivity to light.

Wearing sunglasses with dark lenses for a long time may cause photophobia in children’s eyes, which may affect eye development and vision.

(5) Buy as big as your head fits. Sunglasses that are big enough to cover your eyes and face as much as possible. The baby just began to wear sunglasses will not be used to, or even kept pulling off, parents should be good to persuade or appease.

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