Sunglasses are the best gifts for holidays

Sunglasses are the best gifts for holidays

The end of the year is always the busiest time. Because there are all kinds of festivals at the end of the year. For example, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year and other major festivals, people need to buy some holiday supplies, so that the festival is full of joy and joy. So sunglasses are the best gifts for holidays

Why choose sunglasses as holiday gifts?

1, for the woman, the holiday goes out to play. Sunglasses can protect the eye not only, prevent ultraviolet ray, still can match according to your clothes different color with the sunglasses of the color department, can improve your temperament and fashionable feeling.

2.  For men, taking advantage of the holidays to relax themselves, they can choose to go out for a family outing, outdoor dinner, etc., wear parent-child clothes and parent-child sunglasses, and stand out in the crowd and become the focus of the crowd.

The following sunglasses are the best gifts for holidays

2020 colorful custom fashion sunglasses, It’s famous for looks more like a cat, and more like a butterfly’s wings. This model has five colors, The glasses are conjoined lenses with the same color as the legs.

2020 colorful custom fashion sunglasses
2020 colorful custom fashion sunglasses

Fishing: if you choose to relax during a break, go fishing in the countryside. Fishing requires patience and waiting if the sun is strong. Clubmaster sunglasses are the best way to spend an afternoon outdoors in the sun. They use polarized lenses that prevent harmful rays from filtering out.

Custom clubmaster sunglasses

Magnetic clips on sunglasses with five sunglasses lenses and 1 optical frame can fill a prescription + Black polarized lens +blue mirror lens+ brown lens+ mirror lens+ yellow night vision lens.

Magnetic adsorption principle with double-sided magnet inlay. Lens detachable, the wearing effect is the same as that of sunglasses, making it more comfortable and convenient to wear.

Magnetic clips on sunglasses

The glasses have the following characteristics to attract customers

1. Cool Fashion Classic Clip-on design for sports and outdoors activities lovers
2. Cuts glare from streetlamps and headlights and relieves eyestrain
3. Polarized lens help eliminate reflected and scattered glares
4. Wears comfortable, 56% lighter than traditional glass
5. The yellow clip-on lens have night driving functions, effectively enhance driving safety at night
6. Say NO to expensive Prescription Sunglasses
7. Great fashion design polarized sport sunglasses clip-on for ski, golf, cycling, running, fishing, driving and other outdoor sports activities
Note: Only the yellow night-vision lenses are regularly using at night.

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