Color types and features of sunglasses lenses

1、gray lenses

The gray lenses can absorb all kinds of color spectrum in a balanced way, so the scenery will only become dark. But there will be no obvious color difference, showing the real natural feeling.

2、brown lenses

filter out a lot of blue light, can improve visual contrast and clarity. In the case of severe air pollution or foggy wearing effect is better.

It can block the reflected light on the smooth and bright surface. but the wearer can still see the fine part. It is an ideal choice for drivers.

3、green lenses

at the same time of absorbing light, maximally increase the green light to the eyes, so it has a cool and comfortable feeling.

It suitable for people who are easily tired of the eyes to use.

4、blue-gray lenses

similar to gray lens, both belong to neutral lens, but the color is darker and the absorption rate of visible light is higher.

5、sunglasses lens of mercury lens

the lens surface is coated with high-density mirror. Such lens more absorption into the reflection of visible light, suitable for outdoor sports, fashionable and beautiful lens.

6、yellow lens

strictly speaking, this kind of lens is not a solar lens, because it hardly reduces visible light,.

but in foggy and dusk, yellow lenses can improve contrast.If the sun glasses used in daily life. You can choose the visible light rejection rate of 60%, sunglasses lenses wearing the depth is about “can not see clearly eye detail outline” degree.

Suggest, daily go out can keep a pair of sunglasses in the bag. You can protect an eye at any time.

If want to be engaged in outdoors activity, wait for instance on water, snow, mountaineering or fishing. Because ultraviolet ray intensity is stronger, right now can choose visible light to reject rate to reach 8 to 9 become, after wearing not only “detail outline cannot see. It connect the eye to see not quite clearly” such depth.

Doctor also adds, should choose as far as possible a bit bigger lens face, coating force is stronger, because the light comes from the front not only, still can have the reflection light of up and down left and right sides. If coating degree is enough big, can block the light of a few scattering, refraction.

In addition, the more envelopment the mirror is, the lower the chance that the eyes will be exposed to pm2.5 suspended particles, which can provide better protection for the eyes.

Different lens color have different effect.if you want to know about sunglasses lenses. You can consult our website if you like that lens

sunglasses lenses
sunglasses lenses

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