The effect of various colors of sunglasses in visual function

The effect of various colors of sunglasses in visual function

In the hot summer traveling, in addition to the umbrella, the hat can shade, sunglasses are a good weapon against UV. Harsh light can penetrate your eyes and cause damage. Sunglasses can reduce the damage to strong sunlight to your eyes. Harsh light can cause headaches. Sunglasses will have a filter effect of 95 to 100. What effect do various colors of sunglasses have on visual function

The effect of various colors of sunglasses

Pink lens: this is a common color. It can absorb 95 ultraviolet rays and some shorter wavelengths of visible light. In fact, this function is similar to the ordinary primary color lens. Pink lenses offer no more protection than regular lenses. But for some people, the psychological benefits are considerable because they feel comfortable wearing them.

Gray lens: can absorb infrared rays and 98 ultraviolet rays. The advantage of a large gray lens is that it will not change the original color of the scene due to the lens, while the great satisfaction is that it can reduce the light intensity very effectively.

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Green lens: like gray lenses, they absorb infrared light and 99 UV rays efficiently. But green lenses can distort the color of some objects. Its block light effect is inferior to the gray lens slightly. However, green still is as good as a protective lens.

Brown lens: filter out a lot of blue light, can improve the visual contrast and clarity, Brown lenses are very suitable in air pollution or fog conditions. Generally, it can block the reflected light from the smooth and bright surface, and people wearing glasses can still see the fine parts, which is the best choice for drivers

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Yellow lens: absorbs 100 UV rays and allows infrared and 83 visible light to penetrate the lens. The biggest advantage of yellow lenses is that they can absorb most of the blue light. Because when the sun shines through the atmosphere, it’s mostly blue light (which explains why the sky is blue). Yellow lenses are often used as “filters”, or by hunters, because they absorb blue light to make things clearer in nature.

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