What are the activities on Thanksgiving Day

What are the activities on Thanksgiving Day

November is drawing to a close, and Thanksgiving is coming. Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November, originated in the United States. But what most people may not know is that there is another time-honored Thanksgiving in Canada, which is held every year on the second Monday in October. But whether it’s in the United States or Canada, the name suggests that Thanksgiving must have been created to express gratitude.

What are the activities on Thanksgiving Day


Thanksgiving dinner is one of the most important meals of the year.

Also, the food is very rich, Turkey and pumpkin pie are necessary on the table. 

Thanksgiving food is traditional. Turkey is the traditional main course of Thanksgiving Day. Usually stuffed with a variety of seasonings and mixed food, and then the whole roast, roasted into a dark brown skin, by the male host with a knife cut into thin slices to everyone. After that, each person will pour the gravy and sprinkle salt on it. It is very delicious. In addition, Thanksgiving traditional food and sweet potato, corn, pumpkin pie, cranberry nut jam, baked bread and a variety of vegetables and fruits

What are the activities on Thanksgiving Day


After dinner, we will often play traditional games. For example, dancing, various competitions, and many other recreational activities.

 There is a game called cranberry contest, which is to put a large bowl of cranberries on the ground, and 4-10 competitors sit around, each of them giving a copy of needle and thread. At the beginning of the game, first They thread their needles, Then string the cranberries one by one, limit time: 3 minutes; Whoever string the longest will win the prize

Another is a corn game. The first put the five corns hidden in the house, then every one to find. The five who found the corn entered the contest, the others watching. At the beginning of the game, the five people quickly shelled the corn in a bowl. Whoever finishes first wins the prize. The non-participants then gathered around the bowl to guess how many kernels were in it, the closest guess will get a bag of popcorn

In fact, people’s favorite game is the pumpkin race. The competitor pushes the pumpkin with a small spoon, The rule is never touched a pumpkin, First to the finish line will win the prize


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