What is electronic music?

electronic music sunglasses

What is electronic music?

       In recent years, there have been more and more electronic music throughout the country. International large-scale electronic music , such as EDC, Tomorrow land and UMF have also entered China. Domestic local governments are also more open to entertainment performance projects, which makes electronic music gradually mainstream. For the first time, the META electronic music will come to china.

We believe that the future of the domestic electronic music market will be very promising. But what everyone needs to understand is that each form of music has its own culture, and electronic music is the same.

       The electronic music is moving rapidly on the road to the mainstream.  Whatever it’s in bar, a club or a party, good electronic music is a tool to stimulate consumption and attract re-consumption.

META Electronic Music Festival 

    Today’s electronic music is becoming more and more difficult to define because many styles of music have electronic elements. Most pop music uses synthesizers, a lot of rock and roll music, and even soundtracks of movie. Therefore, music produced using electronic musical instruments or equipment  (such as synthesizers, effects, drum machines, etc.) can be called electronic music. In a narrow sense, electronic music refers to songs of the type involving House, Techno, Trance, and the like.

     On June 21-23, 2019, the 2019 Shenyang META Electronic Music Festival has also come to a successful conclusion.

1、 Lighting the electrical and audio beacon fire, set off the “China red tide” heat wave

     Metatron Music Festival, referred to as MMF.  Meta international cultural creative team has more than ten years of dance experience, creating a “Chinese symbol” electronic music.

    This is an electronic music tour of “exclusive China’s sexual imprint”. In the super-luxury lineup, not only the international DJ figure, but also the debut of China’s original innovation force DJ. When the popular factor collides with the local elements, it will produce dazzling music and flowers, so that the fans can be placed in a unique electronic music festival.

       This is an electronic music experience full of “Chinese spirit.” The sound and light effects of the magical catalytic reaction are interactive, and the passion of the scene is immersed in every soul that loves music. The high-quality electronic works of original strength will also be filled with surprising and intoxicating Chinese melody.

     Electric sound culture will be burned as bright as day, and finally become a new “red tide of China” electric sound force, which is bound to inherit the electric sound signal and lead the world electric sound trend in the future.

electronic music
META electronic music

        From the afternoon of the scorching sun, to the late night after the sunset began to cool down.  The audience’s love for electronic music not only infects each other, but also infects the staff and infects every DJ who plays.  Every viewer’s face is full of smiles and expectations, as if entering a happy Utopia world.

electronic music party

2、Release music force, love is the ancient capital of culture

     The first stop of metatron international electric syllables is Shenyang. Hoping to reflect a unique sense of electronic participation through such a historical and cultural city as a prism. To the ancient streets of the imperial city as the background, with passion hormone in this construction stage. With hundreds of years as the picture, rave crazy people in this summer carnival. This ingenious cultural difference, but cast a more novel electric syllable participation experience.

     Shenyang will give electric syllables her ancient charm breeze, welcome the arrival of electric syllables lovers, and electric syllables will also give Shenyang a brand new, music lovers around the world love the cultural label, open let the world focus on another window.


3、Spread the vitality of electronic music culture, decompress the daily gathering force carnival

     Why are more and more young people indulging in electronic music? Because you can play freely on the dance floor, you can swing with the music and with strong rhythm

     Under the influence of alcohol and music, Nobodies cares who you are, will not dance, these are not important.  It is important that rave allows us to remove all the troubles of life, in front of the musicale are equal presence.


  The first three-day electronic music in the Northeast lasted for three days and gave an unforgettable summer carnival to the Northeast. Injecting the eternal sound of the sound of the city of Shenyang into the country’s highest-level electronic sound stage. The first “future people” theme and linked to the brand:  “The God of Mehta”  breaks the domestic electronic sound at a height of 46 meters.  The highest record in the history of the stage during the three days of the day to the night.  “the god of Mehta” accumulated energy released to DJ , for us to show wonderful performance.

     This electronic music is also the first large-scale electronic syllable in China to fully use the “smart chip bracelet consumption system”. It has successfully revolutionized the consumption upgrade experience of the electric syllable site. The real sense is realized in one hand, and the whole process is free heart.

party 2

     Enjoy the electronic music, How can we lack custom sunglasses?  Promotional sunglasses printed META music electronic logo on the lens, Highlighting the atmosphere of the festival. These are great for events with photobooths for use as a unique prop and favor. When people put on your promo sunglasses you will see the smiles and laughter commence. Custom sunglasses with uv400 lens also can protect the eyes from the glare of stage lighting damage. So, sunglasses are the best gifts for the electronic music

electronic music sticker sunglasses

       Let us go to the electronic music together , and discover, experience and enjoy the infinite excitement and happiness brought by the electronic sound.

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