What should you pay attention to choosing sunglasses

What should you pay attention to choosing sunglasses

What should you pay attention to choosing sunglasses? Sunglasses have become a must-have for people to travel. But many people have no idea about how to choose sunglasses, Actually, the choice of sunglasses is to have certain exquisite.

There are few points need to pay attention to choosing sunglasses

The first is comfortable

The first to choose sunglasses is wearing comfortable, Without this premise, I guess it takes off glasses immediately. The purpose of sunglasses is to protect your eyes. If wearing them is not comfortable, it will damage your eyes for a long time. So comfort is crucial in choosing sunglasses.

The second is protection

Protect eye, prevent ultraviolet rays, avoid strong light to dazzle an eye to wait for the basic function. In addition, most sports sunglasses are designed with a face radian, In outdoor activities can effectively prevent the wind from eye irritation, Otherwise, if the sand point, a few trips down the windward tear problem.

The third is the real nature

Lens color is the best choice: Medium depth grey, tan and green

No matter what color you choose, First, pay attention to UV protection signs. UV protection is the primary function of sunglasses. Some sunglasses have labels such as “100% UV protection”, “UV400” and “UV protection” on their lenses or packaging. If you wear Poor quality sunglasses that don’t block UV rays, More ultraviolet light enters the eye than without sunglasses, More likely to cause eye damage.

The color selection of the lens should be based on the color of the surroundings is undisturbed, the edge of the object is clear and the signal lamp of different colors can be effectively recognized as the principle. The color of the lens is better with gray, brown, green Because these lens colors can absorb infrared rays, ultraviolet rays better than others. Gray lenses can evenly absorb any color line.

Wear sunglasses to see the scenery will only become dark without an obvious color difference. The brown lens can filter out a lot of blue light, which can improve the visual contrast and sharpness, especially when air pollution is serious or foggy.

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