Why need to use anti-blue light glasses?

Why need to use anti-blue light glasses?

The specific wavelength of light used in the anti-blue glasses can block the passage of another wavelength of light, acting as an interception. Anti-blue glasses work by blocking and reflecting high-energy short-wave blue light through lenses made of special materials. Glasses that block blue light because the lenses are yellow.

Blue light is one of the leading killers of lutein. Long-term exposure to the eye can lead to lutein deterioration and ultimately damage to the macular area of the eye.

Anti-blue glasses have a protective effect on the eyes, especially for those who spend a lot of time staring at electronic screens. However, when choosing blue light glasses. It must be noted that the glasses must have an authoritative detection label and the lenses are generally light yellow. Only when the blocking rate of the glasses reaches above 97% can the glasses be effective. The experiment proves that if the blocking rate is lower than 97%. The protective effect of the eyes is not obvious.

The effect of anti-blue light glasses

Anti-blue light glasses can effectively reduce the continuous damage to eyes caused by blue light. Through the comparison detection of the portable spectral analyzers. The intensity of blue light emitted from the mobile phone screen is effectively inhibited after the use of anti-blue light glasses, which reduces the damage to eyes caused by harmful blue light.

The anti-blue light glasses mainly reflect the harmful blue light by coating the lens surface, or absorb the harmful blue light by adding the anti-blue light factor through the lens substrate. So as to achieve the barrier of the harmful blue light and protect the eyes.

Precautions for wearing anti-Blue light glasses:

Blue light has been shown to affect the body’s circadian rhythm, and too much of it from late-night exposure to electronics. Such as mobile phones can disrupt people’s ability to fall asleep. So limit screen time two to three hours before bedtime and adjust your electronics to night mode to reduce glare. Relieve visual fatigue, and minimize blue light at night.

As the understanding of blue light has deepened, it has been found to play an important role in maintaining human health, such as regulating hormone secretion in the body. At the same time, blue light can also avoid the reduction of night vision, and it is also beneficial to the refractive development of adolescents and minors.

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