Why polarized sunglasses are more comfortable and softer than regular sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses are comfortable and softer than regular sunglasses. Sunglasses’ polarized function blocks the glare from the sun, which in turn protects the eyes from ultraviolet rays. All thanks to the metal powder filter installation, They can comb the clutter into the right light as it enters, Then light enters the eye will become softer.

Polarized sunglasses selectively absorb the local bands that make up the sun’s rays. This is because it USES very fine powders of metal (iron, copper, nickel, etc.)  In fact, when the light hits the lens, it is diminished by a process called cancellation intervention. Based on a process called cancellation intervention, the light is reduced. That is when certain wavelengths of light (in this case UVA, UVB, and sometimes infrared) When they pass through the lens. They cancel each other out on the inside of the lens, in the direction of the eye. The stacking that makes up light waves is not an occasional phenomenon: when the crest of a wave merges with the trough of its neighbor. It causes each other to cancel out. The interference depends on the refractive index of the lens (the level at which light travels from the air through different substances) and on the thickness of the lens.

In general, the thickness of the lens varies little, and the refractive index of the lens varies according to the chemical composition.

Polarized sunglasses are comfortable and softer

Polarized sunglasses provide another mechanism for maintaining the eye. The reflected light of the asphalt road is compared with the special polarized light. The difference between this reflected light and light that comes directly from the sun or from any artificial source is a matter of order. Polarized light is made up of waves that vibrate in one direction. While ordinary light is made up of waves that vibrate undirected. It was like a group of men moving about in random order and a group of soldiers marching in unison. Generally speaking, reflected light is a kind of orderly light.

Polarized lenses are especially effective at blocking this light because of their filtering properties. The lenses allow only polarized waves that vibrate in a certain direction to pass through, It’s like combing the light. On the road reflective problem, the use of polarized sunglasses can reduce the transmission of light. Because it does not allow light waves that vibrate parallel to the road to pass. In fact, the long molecules of the filter layer are directed in a degree direction that absorbs polarized light.

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